In the summer of 2017 I was honored to attend an advanced painting and dialogue workshop at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Under the direction of artist and painting chair [ California College of the Arts – San Francisco] Linda Geary and Fulbright Scholar intern Veda Sun myself and 7 other amazing artists spent 12 long days together. The collective energy of our group was evident and breakthroughs as well as friendships were made.  

“Collection 20” ARAC work Summer 2017

This collection started as a workshop prompt to create twenty works in one studio day at Anderson Ranch summer 2017. The result is a 30-piece multimedia body of work. 

At the onset, I was not sure why I selected the palette I did for the series but I would surmise it was to limit color making decision giving me more time to crank out the twenty pieces and to break away from my “typical palette.” I also have had a recent crush on Payne’s Grey so that was my first go to.  In retrospect, I believe the meaning of the palette colors dark blue, gold and white represent place of the artist at creation time. I would say the dark blue or Payne’s grey represents darkness or sadness. Gold represents light, both inner light or self and outer light - universal. The white represents peace and being present. All the variations these make represent contrast.

The body of work encompasses painting, sculpture, drawing, collage and video. Materials are wood, cardboard, tape, canvas, paper, trash, magazines, metal scraps, found objects, paint, glitter, string and sharpie. 


please contact me if you have any questions or need more information about the work.

Photo Credit:  Jessi Ramirez

Paper Planes #23

I made this video in a workshop this summer at Anderson Ranch Arts Center documenting a paper airplane project.  I made the 2 small planes in the video for my sons and wrote the lyrics of the song Long Time Sun [Mike Heron] on them, then I flew them at the top of Ute Trail in Aspen.