Artist Courtney Cotton



Courtney Cotton [b.1968] currently working in Denver, Colorado. I studied art and architecture at the University of South Carolina, Rhode Island School of Design and Queens College.  

I express myself by giving visual expression to feeling;  which can be seen in many of my paintings and collages. Other inspirations stems from music, mindfulness and by objects that give me a visceral reaction. Whatever the impulse, the result is the fruition of a process, usually grounded in personal discipline that may be spontaneous and rapid or labored and introspective. What transpires, ideally captures the inspiration and transforms it into an exuberant explosion or a contemplative and solemn stillness. 

My work sometimes poses more questions than answers but it offers room for interpretation and new perspectives. It connects to something universal and hence touches a lot of people. I have more than one visual voice and some find it hard to define or categorize my style. Sometimes my work is thematic, but often I have the impulse to create something without representing anything. Some of my favorite pieces came about from the act of playing with paint and paper, I consciously react with the medium, the activity of creating is paramount, and therefore the results happen automatically with the unconscious influence of experiences and emotions.

As more private collectors and businesses continue to support me my artistic path reflects my unflinching willingness to experiment. This adventurousness is evident in the wide range of works that compromise my oeuvre.

Photo Credit: Kelly Shroads,  Colorado Ballet Show 2015