Paper Airplanes

is a conceptual series using the paper airplane as metaphor for emotional intelligence.

Being above a situation, seeing it from a different perspective may change your perception. You can filter any situation through your lens of beliefs. In other words, reality depends on your perceptions and the filter you choose affects the world you see. Choosing a positive filter means living a life filled with opportunity. Choosing a negative filter means a life of limitations. How your perceptions lead you to act or not act in a given situation is something you control. Transformation and possibility are apparent as the paper plane manifested from the folding of a sheet of paper.

On the color palette I would say the dark blue or Payne’s Grey, my current color crush, represents a cool and calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. ... It is a color that symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. Gold represents light, both inner light or self and outer light - universal. The white represents peace and being present. All the variations these colors make represent contrast and the balancing act of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I also encourage the viewer to attach their own meaning to the paper plane.

“Fly high - it’s what you were meant to do! “ - Love Courtney

First Flight