Paper Airplanes

is a conceptual series using the paper airplane as metaphor for perspective & perception.

You can filter any situation through your lens of beliefs. In other words, reality depends on your perceptions and the filter you choose affects the world you see. Choosing a positive filter means living a life filled with opportunity. Choosing a negative filter means a life of limitations. How your perceptions lead you to act or not act in a given situation is something you control. Transformation and possibility are apparent as the paper plane manifested from the folding of a sheet of paper.

I use the airplane as a metaphor for oneself and emotional intelligence, being above a situation, seeing it from a different perspective may change your perception. “As I journey or fly through life, I enjoy the ease in which I can change my reactions to responses using my breath and new perspectives. Many times, when I am in flow, life is an easy graceful flight and other times resistance and fear manifest turbulence and delays on my flight through life. Good thing the paper airplane is resilient and I have a lot a paper in the case of a crash.”

On the color palette I would say the dark blue or Payne’s Grey, my current color crush, represents a cool and calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. ... It is a color that symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. Gold represents light, both inner light or self and outer light - universal. The white represents peace and being present. All the variations these colors make represent contrast and the balancing act of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I also encourage the viewer to attach their own meaning to the paper plane.

“Fly high - it’s what you were meant to do! “ - Love Courtney

First Flight